Why DDConcept

Do you have a trusted contractor?
DDConcept has worked numerous projects with a trusted and reliable contracting company. The contracting company has 20 years of experience and is insured and licensed.

Are you overwhelmed by tiles and materials selection?
DDConcept’s Interior Designer has an eye for choosing materials to match and meet your budgets.

Do you know where to go to buy table top materials, appliances, faucets, tiles, paint and accessories?
We have a list of vendors and suppliers that have the best prices in the market.

Are you a good negotiator and will you be getting the best price for the materials you select?
DDConcepts Interior Designer is a repeat buyer at many of the vendors and suppliers. She always gets the best rates available.

Do you have time to oversee quality control and answer all the construction questions on site?
Our Designer and Project Manager will be available to answer design questions, troubleshoot and to monitor quality workmanship.

Do you understand how texture, lighting, tiles layout and selection of materials can affect the dimension of your space?
Our Top Designer will be able to maximize your space, creating valuable storage and giving your room a look that appears larger than it is.

Are you having difficulty imagining what the space will look like after its been renovated and not willing to take the risk?
We have 3D Rendering Techniques that will help you visualize how the design will look like before any renovations takes place.

Do you have a sense of how much a job might cost?
Our design consultant will be able to give you an estimate of how much the project will cost.

Do you want to renovate for real estate sales?
We can help you gain every advantage for quick sales at the maximum price.

Do you want to renovate for rental/lease contracts?
DDConcept can minimize the cost of renovation while attracting renters and securing a higher rental prices.